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NFL Draft: Crazy Prop Bet Locks


The NFL is on top of Mount Rushmore when is comes to the excitement in general of the sport alone. The NFL Draft presents another level of fan excitement because it allows fans of all 32 teams to have some "hope" for the upcoming season.

Even through the COVID-19 pandemic going on, the NFL is still generating crazy interest with having a virtual draft. While the sports betting world is practically shut down, the NFL draft means plenty of opportunities to place some prop bets.

Stick with me here as I'm going to share some prop bet locks that I have personally bet on and highly recommend that you should too. Even if you put down a $50 wager to earn $10, that's $10 you wouldn't have if you just let it sit in your account.

Highest Number of People in the Same Room

For full context, being that the draft is held virtually with players being streamed in their homes and will have family and friends around them. I call this prop bet the "COVID-19" bet. Health officials around the world have advised that you have no more than 10 people in the same area at one time.

The line on this bet is set at OVER/UNDER 9.5 which is right under that advised number from health officials. The NFL have sent out a statement stating that they have advised all draftees to have no more than 6 people in a room at one time.

This bet is +110 on the UNDER 9.5 side which is what we went with here and feel this is the closest you'll get to being a lock. If you put up $100, you'll get a $210 payout.

Will Any Draftee Be Shown Drinking Beer

With the draft getting streamed out of the homes of each draftee, there will be the non-traditional "looseness" that isn't available with the traditional draft which is at nice venues. We're likely going to see players in casual clothes, in the living rooms, and not in the expensive suits. I don't think Roger Goddell will be in a suit either.

Some of that looseness may come in the form of the beverages the draftees decides to drink. But here's the deal.... you've got players about to sign up to make life changing money so no way they're going to risk it with starting out with a bad perception.

This bet is -400 if you bet on "NO" and +250 if you bet "YES". We went with the yes because no way they show up on screen with a Budlight or Budweiser can. Now what they have in their plastic cup is totally different.

Lock in this bet for the "NO" at -400, bet $100 for a $125 payout. You can also lock in "Will Any Draftee Pop Champagne" at -700 on the "NO" side as well.

More 1st Round Picks - ACC or PAC 12

This bet hinges on the actual number of players that gets drafted from the Clemson Tigers alone. If you follow Mel Kiper, he has Clemson projected to have four players come off the board in the first round.

Whereas the PAC12 is projected to have three players come off the board, so this looks like a pretty good lock to us barring any unforeseen trades. Not to mention you get more ACC draft help with the Louisville Cardinal prospect in Mekhi Becton

Lock this one in at at -165; wager $100 to get $160.61

More 1st Round Picks - Clemson or Ohio State

As we mentioned in the previous prop, Clemson is projected to have four players in the first round. Outside of Chase Young and Jeff Okhuday, we really don't see any other Ohio State players to pose a threat to this bet.

Worst case scenario is that Clemson will get three and we still feel comfortable with this bet as a lock. Bet the Clemson side on this one at -350; wager $100 to get $128.57 total payout.

Total QBs Drafted in the First Round - OVER/UNDER 3.5

This is a another lock we latched onto really quickly when we saw the 3.5 number come out. You know for sure there is Joe Burrow, Tua, and Justin Herbert. But we know this bet hinges on the selection of Jordan Love.

Through the rumor mill there are a lot of teams that love his overall talent but then there are a lot of questions swirling around as well. The NFL is a quarterback league and teams know without one your chances of competing is minimal.

OVER is coming in with odds of +140 while the UNDER is coming in at -170. We highly suggest that you lock this one in on the OVER; wager $100 to get a $240 total payout.

The draft is coming up really quickly and as more bets start to pile in the odds and opportunity to cash in will change as well. Be on the lookout as we will be sharing more locks as opportunities come up.

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