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How Much is Home Field Worth in College Football Betting


Home field advantage has always been looked as a slight added advantage and with oddsmakers giving the traditional 3 point factor. While it's seems to work out pretty consistent in most NFL games it's not that simple when it comes to college football.

There are many theories and opinions out there as to why some teams and even players better better at home compared to others. Players that are sticklers for their game day routines. How much of an impact is a team traveling from the west coast to east to play a early day game? Some arenas present more of a home field advantage than others.

The reality for college football is there isn't a magic number or generalized statement that allows bettors to rely upon with home-field advantage. You have to look at each team individually by starting with the 3-point home-field advantage factor then branch out.

Exactly What is Home Field

Home field is the added advantage a team gets and draws upon which dictates how a line is presented by the oddsmakers. Over time you will be able to analyze stats that will truly show some teams perform better at home than on the road.

The key issue is that with 12 and 13 game seasons, it's difficult the quickly analyze that start compared to the number of games played in college basketball. The key advantage to home field advantage comes down to routines, familiarity and confidence.

Home Field Is Not The Same Everywhere

Home field at Oregon or night games at West Virginia, Virginia Tech and certainly LSU are just different than other places. When you have a night game scheduled at anyone of those places, it doesn't matter how talented your team is coming into those stadiums you're in for a fight.

Depending on the year, if you were playing at home you would likely be favored by 4 more more points, but at their venue it's not surprising to be favored by only 3 or less or even an underdog. The pageantry and the level of excitement in college football is like no other. But it's even greater at many places across the college football landscape. 

And for that reason as a bettor you have to focus closely on the lines and how they match the scenario of home-field advantage. Blindly betting on seemingly the most talented favored team could cost you a lot of money if you're not looking at the full picture.

West Traveling East

West coast teams traveling east to play an early Saturday game has been a challenge for many college coaches. Unlike the NFL where it's all business and you can generally depend on players to get themselves ready. College coaches in this scenario are forced to get college players motivated to play.

In some cases many of your key players will be freshman who have never traveled more than 15 miles outside of their home location. Now you're asking them to stay in a nice hotel and get prepared for an early morning game after traveling across the country.

Here again, as a bettor it's your job to make sure you account for these types of factors before you place a wager. Make sure you shop around for the best line and able to read into what they bookmakers are looking at.


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